Building Products for Challenging Industries



  • Capital Markets
  • OMS/EMS Trading Platforms
  • Pre-Trade Risk and Compliance
  • Market Data
  • Security Master
  • Exchange Platforms
  • FIX Connectivity and Execution Routing
  • Back-Office Operations
  • Algorithmic Performance Testing
  • Data File Management
  • Workflow Design and Optimization
  • Clearing and Custody
  • Settlement and Reconciliation
  • 3rd Party Integration



Big Data Solutions

  • We utilize an AVID model to closely align our thinking about Big Data with our client's needs:
    • Acquire & Aggregate to understand the type of data the user is collecting.
    • Visualization to reduce the “Big” to a manageable and focused size that can easily be monitored for trends, correlations, limit breaches or unusual behavior.
    • Inspect & Infer via identification and extraction of key metrics that can be patterned for cause & effect. We may use standard regression tools to identify the metrics, and neural networks to model expected time development.
    • Decision Making platform focus is emphasized by targeted information flow to client management.  We develop tools to stress-test potential choices, and monitor the effectiveness of decisions. 




  • Technical Policy
  • Technical & Product Audit
  • Technical System Valuation
  • Investment Analysis
  • Optimization of Work Flow Processes
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Product Management Best Practices
  • Development Methodologies
  • Technical Advisory



Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-Time and Batch Computational Frameworks (Lambda)
  • Low Latency / High Volume Derivative Processing
  • Predictive Indicators
  • Performance, Risk, Status Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Proprietary, Open Source and Vendor Report Generation Engines
  • Business Intelligence Frameworks
  • Customized Visualizations and Controls
  • Full Platform Monitoring
  • UI / UX Design, Development and Deployment




Renewable & Sustainable

  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Market
  • Commodity Matching Engines
  • Renewable Utility Portfolio Accounting
  • Issue Settlement
  • 3rd Party Connectivity
  • Production Support
  • Client Driven Interactive Interfaces
  • Sabal targets Green projects