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Senior Big Data Developer


  • 7+ years hands-on experience with relevant technology

  • Design patterns (core, concurrent, microservices)

  • Proven knowledge of algorithms and complexity analysis


  • BigData

    • Spark, Apache Storm, Hadoop or similar framework

    • Good understanding of, and experience with map-reduce

  • Databases

    • NoSQL (two or more of: Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB, DynamoDB, HBase)

    • Strong understanding of relational databases

  • Microservices, RESTful architecture, Swagger, Spring-Boot/Actuator

  • JAVA

    • Core JAVA and concurrency

    • SDK 1.8+ and functional concepts

    • Build systems (maven, gradle)

    • Continuous Integration

  • Nice To Have

    • Scala

    • Go

    • Python