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Our Specialties

Financial Software Development

Sabal Tech builds multi-asset trading systems that provide access to markets across the globe.  We understand how to architect a platform that meets the demands of enterprise level clientele.

Recent Publications

Introduction to Graph Databases

October 12, 2020

A graph is built from a collection of nodes and relationships. Entities such as people, locations, items, or categories of data are represented by nodes; and the association between them reflects a relationship. A versatile structure like a graph enables us to model real-world applications–computer networks, social media recommendation engines, bitcoin blockchains, and more. Basing this very structure as a template, we can bring it to life by performing C.R.U.D operations through a unique management system–a graph database.

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Indirection: The Unsung Hero Of Software Engineering

October 2, 2020

Abstraction is a principle that enables engineers to create reusable, multipurpose modules throughout their software systems, and both abstraction and indirection are crucial concepts in scalable, robust system development. However, in software engineering, indirection is ultimately the driver for implementing highly decoupled components that perform separate tasks, bringing with it numerous additional organization and cross-team benefits as well.

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Running on Multiple Tracks - The Guard, the Suspended, and the Spin

September 29, 2020

The guarded suspension pattern is a concurrent pattern which allows a thread that obtained a lock to suspend its execution and temporarily release the lock, waiting for a condition to be satisfied before proceeding any further within the critical section (re-acquiring the lock.)

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