Project Management

Efficient and effective project management is critical to the success of every software development project. The bespoke project plan we design for you will address those high-impact, high-visibility initiatives, while carefully aligning with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Every well-crafted plan demands equally passionate execution, and we leverage industry best tools to monitor all aspects of the implementation and provide key stakeholders with the visibility they need to stay in control. In short, we take pride in exceeding expectations.

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Enterprise Architecture

Every product starts with an idea that solves a particular problem, whether out of necessity, efficiency, or curiosity. However, the journey for that idea to materialize is not always clear and is littered with unknowns.

What level of performance, scalability, and reliability will you need? Is it multi-tenant? Are there any compliance regulations that the product needs to abide by? What security mechanisms should we support? What cloud provider(s) should host the product?

We work with you to understand the specific needs of your organization in order to find elegant solutions to those questions. The result is a carefully crafted architecture that not only meets your requirements, but also opens up new opportunities for revenue and growth.


The philosophy behind DevOps is rooted in fulfilling the promises of the Agile movement. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Test Automation improve a product's time to market by reducing the defect count between revisions. These processes increase developer efficiency and add value to your product.

By employing infrastructure as code tools, our DevOps experts effortlessly automate the creation of micro Kubernetes environments. We leverage technologies such as ElasticSearch, Prometheus and Grafana to implement essential logging and monitoring infrastructures that span multiple processes and environments.

Our expertise
JIRAAirtableTrelloMS ProjectSmartsheets

Security & Compliance

Ready to compete in the global marketplace? Let our ISO 27001 experts establish a roadmap for compliance.

We offer the following services:

  • Assistance in creating a robust and maintainable Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Review and running status of the policy design and implementation process
  • Advice on risk assessment and risk treatment
  • A review and advice on ISO 27002 vendor-neutral controls used in the treatment of risk
  • Gap analysis to determine any deficits that may exist in the program
  • Tabletop exercises and guidance on implementation and testing of potential scenarios for your enterprise

Quality Assurance

A product is only as stable and reliable as the QA team behind it. Meeting a customer’s needs and ensuring reliability are critical to a product’s success. Working closely with the engineering team, QA personnel use various tools such as Selenium, BrowserStack and Postman to identify and assist with the resolution. 

Assisted by cloud-based product management software such as Jira, we have forged a long history of close collaboration between our experienced QA and Engineers. A successful product comes from a process where QA, Product Management and Engineering exist as one cohesive team.

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One of the most challenging aspects of software product development is keeping the technology up-to-date. Modernizing legacy systems can keep you competitive and lower the hidden costs associated with operations and maintenance.

‍We know how difficult, and costly, it can be to overhaul a system. That's why we take a simple iterative approach that allows our customers to immediately see the benefits, and keep the process to a manageable pace.