Industries We Serve

A product is only as resilient as the tools that support it, and those that it was built with. We like to keep our skillsets up-to-date in order to find innovative solutions to demanding challenges.


  • 20+ years experience building high performance enterprise FinTech systems
  • Systems integration with more than 50 third party clearing, custody, order routing, market data, admin and risk systems
  • Capital Markets
  • Market Data and Reference Data
  • Security Master
  • Global multi-asset class FIX Connectivity and Execution Routing
  • Pre-Trade Risk, Portfolio Risk, and Charter Compliance
  • Exchange, Order Matching Engine, and Auction Platforms
  • OMS/EMS Trading Platforms
  • Algorithmic Performance Testing
  • Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Back-Office Operations
  • Data File Management


  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Market
  • Commodity Matching Engines
  • Renewable Utility Portfolio Accounting
  • Issue Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Certificate Classification and Registration

Recruiting / Talent

  • HR / ATS / CRM Integrations
  • Staffing workflow workflows
  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence frameworks