Information Security

Sabal Tech offers comprehensive IT security services. Our experienced cybersecurity consultants and engineers can detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in your software and IT infrastructure and help assess potential security risks.


  • Compliance Gap Analysis. Evaluating a company’s security policies, procedures, and technology against major security standards and regulations to help avoid compliance breaches and prepare for official audits by regulatory authorities.
  • Internal ISO 27001 Security Audit. Assessing a company’s policies, procedures, and technical controls against the most recent information security best practices.

Defensive Security Services

  • Cybersecurity Risk Analysis. Identifying potential threats to a company’s IT assets, defining vulnerabilities, and evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of them being exploited. The analysis results serve to define and prioritize the risk management activities needed to secure a company’s IT environment.
  • Compromise Assessment. Checking an IT infrastructure for any past or ongoing unauthorized activities, identifying and mitigating their impact, and improving cyber defense mechanisms to prevent security breaches in the future.

Offensive Security Services

  • Industry Standard Penetration Testing. Staging a controlled cyberattack to identify exploitable vulnerabilities and evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of their exploitation by malicious actors.
  • Red Team Assessment. Testing a company’s ability to detect and respond to real-life security threats.
  • Vulnerability Assessment. Automated security scanning of applications and networks, followed by manual analysis of the scan results to exclude false positives and prioritize detected vulnerabilities by their criticality.
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Services. Searching for publicly available data on a company’s activities, assets, and employees to reveal information that can be potentially exploited by attackers.