Software Development

Our Expertise

We work with a broad range of Brokerage, Fund, Fund of Funds, RIA and, Family Office clients and have developed a deep understanding of their business models and responsibilities. If you partner with Sabal Tech, you can rest easy knowing we understand your business.

Post-Trade Allocations, Pre-Trade Risk, Hedging Algorithms, Data Distribution, EMS, OMS, Portfolio Decomposition and Aggregations, Shock Stress Test, VAR, Basket / Sector Trading, Spreads, Greeks, Volatility Based Models, FIX, Reference Data, Alternative Asset Classes - these terms resonate with our team.

We’ve built systems that support pricing and trade execution in Equities, Options, Futures, Options on Futures, and Forex on nearly 50 unique exchanges and liquidity pools in the North American, EMEA, and APAC financial markets.

Global Trading
Trade Execution Venue
Clearing, Custody, and Fund
Administration Integrations
Multi-Asset Global Solutions
Security Master Design
Market Data Integration
Trade Life Cycle

Grounded in FinTech

Risk Management
Reference Data Management
Order Routing &
Execution Implementation
Financial Algorithm Development

Trade Life Cycle

Asset Classes

  • Equities
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Fixed Income
  • Currency

Investment Decision

  • ETB and Stock Loan
  • Margin Requirements
  • Security Master
  • Reference Data
  • Order Creation
  • Pre Trade Compliance Checks
  • Trader Assignment

Trade Processing

  • Ticket Creation
  • Market Venue Connectivity
  • DMA and Algo Trading
  • Order Routing and Execution Management
  • Trade Validation and Confirmation
  • Commission and Fee Overlay
  • Clearing and Settlement Reconciliation

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Granular Profit and Loss
  • Risk Management
  • Client Reporting
  • Tax Lots
  • Regular Reporting
  • Shadow Accounting

Data Management

Market Data

We’ve successfully integrated and powered both front-end and back-end systems with real-time and historical market data from Tier 1 and Tier 2 global market data vendors, including: Bloomberg, Reuters, Activ Financial, and more. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of their respective solutions and can guide our clients through the vendor selection process.

Reference Data

Our team has designed and implemented highly scalable reference data management solutions for our clients to power their risk management, valuation, and advanced analytics systems. We are keenly aware and very sensitive to the emphasis placed on data quality, standardization, and reliability.

Derived Data

Sabal’s development and domain experts teamed up to create a proprietary Options data feed capable of providing both raw and algorithmically smoothed calculations for Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho and volatility curves.

Institutional Investment Management

Allocations and Holding Structures

Sabal Tech products are dynamic and suitable for a broad range of fund structures. Create custom profiles to allocate trades across your funds and strategies and then watch as they dynamically update the actual and theoretical position strip calculations in real-time. Need flexibility and customization when aggregating and decomposing your portfolio? - Our tools give you the control to aggregate and separate your positions by a custom hierarchical holding structure, as well as by asset class, sector, region, currency and symbol.

Portfolio Analysis

Sabal has leveraged our wealth of experience and expertise to create an unrivaled analytics engine and reporting suite covering portfolio management, performance monitoring, shadow NAVs and risk analytics including Value at Risk and Stress Testing.

Regulatory and Charter Compliance

Sabal Tech recognizes the critical role of compliance in institutional investment management. We’ve built a robust compliance engine that integrates real-time market data with position level holdings structures to enforce compliance at each stage of the trade life cycle, including pre-trade, trade allocation, post-trade, and portfolio monitoring. We’ll ensure you adhere to your regulatory and charter requirements at every step of the way.