Hi, I'm Jesus Bello. I have over 15 years of experience designing, and developing, software for small, medium, and large organizations. I've had the opportunity to deliver products from a diverse set of industries with partners who share the same passion for software engineering.

My areas of expertise are in: Software Architecture, Full Stack Development, and IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Cloud Service Providers.

What can be done to make using AWS an easy process for new developers?

AWS can have a steep learning curve at first. This is especially true if you're a member of a small team and have little experience with cloud providers. However, I've discovered that getting a fundamental understanding of the following concepts can help overcome the challenges presented early on.

In order of importance:

  1. Roles & Permissions
  2. Networking (VPCs, ELBs, Subnets)
  3. Security Groups
  4. Instance Types
  5. Managed Services (ElastiCache, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, etc)

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