Hi, I'm Jesus Bello. I have over 15 years of experience designing, and developing, software for small, medium, and large organizations. I've had the opportunity to deliver products from a diverse set of industries with partners who share the same passion for software engineering.

My areas of expertise are in: Software Architecture, Full Stack Development, and IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Cloud Service Providers.

What is a back-end for a front-end, and why and when to build one?

Backends for frontends are purpose-built server-side applications that provide functionality for a specific frontend application. They often serve as a smart proxy between your frontend applications and your microservices infrastructure. This way, your microservices are nicely decoupled from your client application logic.

They are also very useful when you have multiple client-facing applications, each with its own set features and functionality. Each backend is responsible for aggregating data from your downstream services and delivering it to its respective client application.

It's best to build one if you know you will be interacting with microservices, or if you anticipate having more than one client application for your system.

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