Hi, I'm Jesus Bello. I have over 15 years of experience designing, and developing, software for small, medium, and large organizations. I've had the opportunity to deliver products from a diverse set of industries with partners who share the same passion for software engineering.

My areas of expertise are in: Software Architecture, Full Stack Development, and IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Cloud Service Providers.

Does my project/team really require a DevOps engineer?

It depends. Two of the most important things to consider are:

  1. DevOps experience on current team.
  2. Size and scope of the project.

If you already have a developer or two that can handle DevOps related tasks, then you may not need a dedicated DevOps engineer. However, while planning your deliverables, you must take into account that this individual's "development" time may be consumed by DevOps tasks. That number can be 80, 20, or 50 percent of the time, depending on the project. With that in mind, larger projects typically benefit the most from having dedicated DevOps support.

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