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I am trying to decide between using Redis and Hazelcast for memory cache. What should I be considering?

Managed Services

There are a handful of services that manage Redis clusters for you, such as: AWS ElasticCache, Redis, and DigitalOcean. Whereas, the only managed service for Hazelcast is from Hazelcast.

Cache Client Libraries

Not all Redis clients support near-cache capabilities. You'll want to take this into consideration if you have very high performance requirements. Hazelcast, on the other hand, provides near-cache solutions for Java, .NET, C++, Python, and Node.js. Worth mentioning, Redisson is a Java Redis client that supports a near-cache strategy.


A quick glance of this Google Trends chart demonstrates that Redis is clearly the most popular option.

Google Trends - Redis (blue) vs Hazelcast (red)

Another thing worth mentioning is how familiar your dev, and operations, teams are with a particular tool.

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