Hi, I'm Jesus Bello. I have over 15 years of experience designing, and developing, software for small, medium, and large organizations. I've had the opportunity to deliver products from a diverse set of industries with partners who share the same passion for software engineering.

My areas of expertise are in: Software Architecture, Full Stack Development, and IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Cloud Service Providers.

The advantages of serveless are well known, but what are the concerns that might dictate not to use them?

One of the primary reasons for not using a serverless infrastructure is latency. If your application requires very high throughput, serverless is probably not right for you.

Serverless functions are also not built for long running processes. They're great for scheduled tasks that can run within a reasonable timeframe; for AWS Lambda, that's a maximum of 15 minutes.

Another concern is vendor lock-in. Cloud providers have different ways of handling serverless architectures. Once you choose one, it can be very difficult to port your code over to another one.

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