Partnership with GrowExx

November 17, 2022

We're excited to announce a partnership with GrowExx

Sabal Tech is thrilled to announce a new partnership with GrowExx as a design partner. The partnership will leverage GrowExx's UI/UX expertise to provide Sabal Tech clients with access to a professional and enterprise friendly Design team focused on creating an amazing customer experience.

Focused on our client’s brand, designers will direct a comprehensive UX strategy focused on a simple and intuitive user journey. Using Product Definition and Research, interviews will be held with clients to gain knowledge of the targeted product and create an early mockup of the end-product. The subsequent Analysis and Design phase will generate user personas and user stories, proceeding to work on wireframes, screen-pages, and potentially prototypes. Validation with end users will be conducted along the UX roadmap journey.

Sabal Tech is a boutique IT company with offices in the US and Europe. Sabal Tech focuses on modern open-source stack development built on top of the leading cloud vendors with an emphasis on DevOps from the ground up. Sabal Tech Inc. was founded by a group of experienced Technology and Finance professionals with the goal of providing innovative software development solutions. Sabal Tech specializes in big data, enterprise platforms, machine learning, web, mobile technologies, dev-ops, intuitive UIs, and software development lifecycle management. Read more on Sabal Tech’s partnerships page. Contact Sabal Tech at Contact Us.

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