Going Meta - No Iterations, and No Conditions, Please (continued)
As we’ve seen, there is a way to write consecutive numbers without loops and conditions if we can find an equivalent way to express them that is broken into a product with a sum representing the number of cross calls.
May 20, 2020
No Iterations, and No Conditions, Please
One day, what was pretty much a homework question popped up on my Quora feed. The question was “Can one write Java code that prints 1 through 100 without using any loop or conditions?”. Straightforward question with more or less inspired responses, each of them more or less wrong.
May 13, 2020
Running on Multiple Tracks - The Guard, the Suspended, and the Spin
The guarded suspension pattern is a concurrent pattern which allows a thread that obtained a lock to suspend its execution and temporarily release the lock, waiting for a condition to be satisfied before proceeding any further within the critical section (re-acquiring the lock.)
September 29, 2020